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30-second Radio Spots

National spots, no audio editing needed — refers listener to national Society phone line and this website:

Localizable spots — add your own voiceover tagline with your local group name, and hotline phone# and/or website:

Logos and Banner Ads

Right-click and "Save Image As…" on any of these to save a .GIF file suitable for a Web page or Email. The versions displayed here are shown reduced to ½ size, but what you save will be the full-sized version suitable for being a major graphical element on a Web page displayed at 800×600 resolution.

The links below each image let you download an Enhanced Windows MetaFile (.EMF), and an Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS), of each. Both formats are continuously resizable without distortion, unlike .GIFs.

  • .PNG files are transparent (can be placed on top of any colored background) and can be used online or in any publishing tools where the format is compatible.
  • .EPS files are vector-based (infinitely scalable) and are intended for professional page layout programs.